Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Good Morning Autumn Equinox

        Today in the Northern Hemisphere the Autumn Equinox has arrived and can be felt in every cool, gentle breeze that ruffles the leaves of the trees. In many pagan traditions, the celebration of the Autumn Equinox is referred to as Mabon in honour of Mabon, the Welsh God who was able to aid King Arthur in a boar hunt during one of his knight's quests.

       Recently I've been getting back into the practice of Yoga so I began my Mabon morning with some spinal stretches while following along with Day 12 of YouTube's Yoga with Adrienne 30 Day Challenge (which I am totally not doing back to back but whatevs). The stretches felt good and reminded me of the need to look after ourselves as the chilly season of Winter with its biting winds approaches. I think that we too often neglect to take a daily moment for ourselvesfor even 15-20 minutes to just check in where we are physically here on earth, or even mentally.

      Too often we rush about our days, or get caught up with thinking about the need to rush about our days and forget to do the things we truly enjoy. I'm definitely not preaching here, I rush about without taking me time far too often, I think the last time I settled in for a good meditation with some hedgewalking was probably Lughnasadh. Its not that I haven't taken time for my spiritual self in between, because I definitely have, but I could really benefit from some more meditation time.

       Over the past month I've done more tarot readings for myself than I have in the whole year, mainly because I was reminded by my boyfriend that I wasn't taking the time to engage with my tarot decks for myself often enough, especially seeing as I enjoy it so much.

    So I think where these Mabon morning ramblings are leading is to remind myself and you that you need to take atleast 15 minutes today to do something for you. Prepare yourself for the coming of Winter by taking a moment to check in and see what needs doing for your mind, body, spirit or all of the above to make sure that you don't forget on this day of thanks, to be thankful for yourself.

Many Blessings,

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Monday, 21 September 2015

Weekly Tarot Reading Sept 21 - 26

    Fooled ya! Nope I didn't forget I just got crazy busy with school, as last week was my first week of my final year of undergraduate studies at university. Settling into routines and gettings my readings on the go kind of got everything all up in the air and alas I didn't get a chance to post until today once again. Ah well we take these things at they come, right ?!

    For this week's reading I pulled four cards, the first of which jumped out of my deck and said pick me! Which suggests the supreme influential factor governing the multiple different aspects of this week, the last three cards being the various aspects we can expect to encounter in the coming week.

    Oh and for those who are curious all four cards were drawn from the Wildwood Tarot.

Supreme Influence: The Green Man ~ Changes in the Earth
Aspect 1: Ten of Stones ~ Home
Aspect 2: Knight of Vessels ~ Wisdom
Aspect 3: The Moon on Water ~ Inner Transformation

        The Green Man's appearance as the strongest influenceof this week calls us to recognize how deeply the environmental changes surrounding us are affecting our daily lives. I live in Canada in the Northern Hemisphere which means that this Wednesday, September 23 will bring the Autumnal Equinox and the festival or sabbat Mabon. The earth is changing, preparing for slumber and reminding us to pull in the last of our harvest and finish our winter preparations before the frost begins to settle. Pay attention to how this seasonal change is affecting your life this week and take a moment to honour the bounty that the earth has provided us.

       The Ten of Stones reminds us of the importance of recognizing and honouring the home. Whether this is represented as a physical home, the outdoor environment surrounding us or our social home with our family, friends and loved ones, or all of the above is left up to our own interpretations. But the message remains clear that this week, we need to honour the home and in return it will bring us solace and comfort. The Knight of Vessels melds with The Moon on Water calling us to use our wisdom as inner transformations unfold. Whether those around you or you yourself are experiencing these transformations take time to reflect and draw on your own intuitive wisdom to guide your actions and decisions.

      Overall, this week is a time to seek solace in, and honour the home as our wisdom calls us to address our own inner transformations and, or those of others, and further reminds us to honour our larger earthy home as it enters into a time of seasonal change.

Many Blessings,
The Itty Bitty Celtic Witch

Monday, 14 September 2015

Weekly Tarot Reading Sept 14 - Sept 19

     So I'm a day late in posting this (and doing the reading, which happened this morning) but the Weekly Tarot Reading is here nonetheless! Bet you thought that after I didn't get to it last week that I'd forgotten all about them eh? I wouldn't blame you if you did I might've come to the exact same conclusion about myself had I not mustered up the motivation to do the reading this morning. But I did do the reading and that is what counts :)

      For this week's reading I pulled three cards from the Druid Animal Oracle Deck that represent the beginning, middle and end of the upcoming week.

Beginning ~  Fox: Diplomacy.
Middle ~ Cat: Observation.
End ~ Air Dragon: Insight.

      This reading suggests that this week will be ruled by cautious attitudes and obersvation which will ultimately lead us to towards insight. Fox brings the need for diplomacy to the beginning of the week, cautioning us that now is the time to choose our words carefully. However, Fox also warns us not to get so caught up in our own personal diplomacies that we end up speaking dishonestly or keeping so quiet that we fail to stick up for ourselves or others. Cat then suggests that the middle of the week is a time for quiet observation. Notice where your diplomatic tongue has lead you or simply make yourself more aware of the environment around you and how the energies are flowing. Reflect and observe. By the week's end this contemplation will lead us to Air Dragon's insight and clarity of thought.

Many Blessings,

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